AP66300 60V, 3A Synchronous Buck Converters

瑞達科技致力於推動高效Power IC,目前降壓IC範圍可涵蓋從低壓電池到60V 中壓系統;近期我們推出美商Diodes AP66300 60V 同步高效率降壓IC, 周邊電路相當精簡,IC本身功能選擇相當豐富,我們並支持Total solution,協助系統廠工程師快速完成產品設計,推出市場。


Wide 3.8V to 60V Input Voltage Range

  • Works across the full supply rails of commercial, industrial, and automotive applications

Programmable FSW 300kHz to 2.5MHz with clock synchronization

  • Low frequency from 300kHz – high-efficiency solution
  • High frequency to 2.5MHz – small-form factor solution

Low Quiescent Current (IQ) and Shutdown Current

  • 43μA IQ
  • 2.2μA shutdown current

Selectable Operation Modes: PFM/PWM

  • Pulse frequency modulation (PFM) increases light load efficiency
  • Pulse width modulation (PWM) supports low output voltage ripple

Tight V REF Tolerance

  • ± 1% across industrial temperatures

VOUT Adjustable from 0.8V to 50V

  • Suitable for variety of applications  

Green U-QFN4040-16/SWP (Type UXB) package

  • Small-form factor solution

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