About Us

瑞達科技股份有限公司Kingpex Technology Inc.成立於2004年,為國內專業的IC半導體零組件供應商,主要策略定位在高效率、綠色節能IC半導體相關產品之市場,並以促進人類重視環保及長期享用科技為願景。

主要產品方向涵蓋各種規格之電源管理IC、電池充電IC、無線充電方案、Power Bank SOC、PWM轉換IC、LDO、RESET IC、MOSFET、LED Driver、電感、Schottky二極體、鋰聚合物電池、省電型EEPROM/FLASH記憶體、PoE-PD控制IC以及Type-C PD方案等。 市場則涵蓋LCD、網路通訊產業、LED室內照明、電池模組、行動電源、平板電腦、影音產品、車用利基應用、電競設備、消費性電子等高科技產業。

Kingpex Technology Incorporated is founded in 2004, playing a professional role as a semiconductor IC component supplier. Our products feature in high efficiency and green energy-saving because we take protecting the environment and using sustainable technology as our long term vision.

Our main products include various specifications of Power Management IC, Battery Charger IC, Wireless Charging Solution, Power Bank SOC Total Solution, PWM IC, LDO, RESET  IC, MOSFET, LED Driver, Power Inductor, Schottky Diode, Lithium Polymer Battery, Energy-saving EEPROM/FLASH Memory, PoE-PD Controllers, Type-C PD Solution etc. Our markets involve high-tech industries such as LCD, networking and communications industry, LED lighting, motherboard, notebook PC, power bank, audio products, automotive electronics, industrial control, gaming devices, consuming electronic products, etc.