5W~30W AC/DC Small Form Factor Solution – IN2PY16

The IN2PY16 is an excellent primary side feedback converter for 5W to 30W low power AC/DC offline SMPS applications. It can meet the Energy-Star® specification for AC/DC single output power supplies with no-load power consumption less than 100mW

It provides constant voltage (CV), constant current (CC) and cable compensation for CV regulation.

Besides, the IN2PY16 series is built-in the VDD over-voltage protection and FB pins to prevent the circuit being damaged from the abnormal conditions.

It minimizes the components counts and make it an ideal design for low cost applications, such as phone charger, low power adapter and tablet PC.

Application Circuit

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AC/DC Buck Converter for IoT power – AL17050

The AL17050 is a universal high voltage AC/DC step down regulator suitable for IoT power applications with very low standby power. Working with a single winding inductor and integrated 500V MOSFET, it can use fewer external components and create a low BOM cost solution. The AL17050 achieves excellent regulation and high power efficiency through variable switching frequency as load changes. Typical applications are offline low power applications including home appliance applications and IoT applications.

Features :

– A wide range of input voltage from 90 Vac to 264 Vac
– Very low standby power : Operation current 100μA (Static)
– Rich protection features, such as OTP, OSP, OLP, UVLO and OLD
– Internal MOSFET up to 500V
– Available in the TSOT25 package.

Typical Applications Circuit

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